Cardio Jump

45 min session (intermediate/advanced)

Get your heart pumping in this extremely fun cardio trampoline class. If you can't jump due to joint issues or a past injury this class will finally get you jumping again!

The Cardio Trampoline is attached to the Pilates Reformer and since you are lying on your back all the pressure is off the joints, spine, neck and knees. We constantly modify to keep you safe and keeping you jumping to help you achieve optimum cardio vascular health.


45 min session (gentle/intermediate)

Bar hopping can be fun and this class will be too! 

We teach the fundamentals of the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder combined with a balanced Ballet Barre workout. 

Our goal is to keep you safe, help increase mobility and to improve your cardiovascular health.  This class is perfect if you're looking to gently start your day, increase your energy and boost your metabolism.


Belly Up to the Barre

45 min session (intermediate/advanced

Belly Up to the Barre is all about strengthening those ABS! Without strong abs we experience back pain, poor posture and overall core weakness.

This 45 minute combo class will involve exercises and techniques used on both the Pilates Reformer, Cardio Trampoline and Ballet Barre.  Come join us for this belly busting extreme workout!



45 min session (intermediate/advanced)

The Ultimate Cardio and Strength workout!  We combine the Pilates Cardio-Tramp Rebounder with challenging Classic Barre techniques to get our heart rate zooming.  A fantastic challenge and the perfect compliment to all of our Mind Body Formats.  COMIMG SOON!