45 min session (gentle/intermediate)

Bar hopping can be fun and this class will be too! 

We teach the fundamentals of the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder combined with a balanced Ballet Barre workout. 

Our goal is to keep you safe, help increase mobility and to improve your cardiovascular health.  This class is perfect if your looking to gently start your day, increase your energy and boost your metabolism.

Get Loopy at the BARRE

45 min session (all levels)

This traditional Barre class consists of classical Ballet exercises fused with Resistance Loops to give an extra challenge for those looking to bump up their class for a more challenging workout.  COMING SOON!



45 min session (intermediate/advance)

The Ultimate Cardio and Strength workout!  We combine the Pilates Cardio-Tramp Rebounder with challenging Classic Barre techniques to get our heart rate zooming.  A fantastic challenge and the perfect compliment to all of our Mind Body Formats.  COMING SOON!

Belly Up to the BARRE

45 min session (all levels)

Want a class that focuses solely on your Abs?

Well... this Barre class is all about the BELLY. We focus on each section of the abdomen to give you that 6 pack you've always dreamed of not to mention the added benefit of a stronger, healthier back!

This 45 minute combo class will involve exercises and techniques used on both the Pilates Reformer, Cardio Trampoline and Ballet Barre.


30 min session (all levels)

Everyone loves a Mini Barre but not the price!  This quick 30 minute workout is perfect for those who want to get an efficient, challenging Ballet Barre workout completed while being efficient with their time.  Unlike the Mini Barre at the Four Seasons this economical class will not break the bank and a lot healthier!  COMING SOON!