Pilates is for my body and Lisa’s positive spirit is for my soul... I can’t imagine a better way to start my morning
— Pam H., Mogadore OHIO

I’m blown away with the amazing changes in my health. I’m injury free for the first time in years and I feel great.

Lisa keeps things fun and fresh. She is extremely knowledgable and simply a beautiful person inside and out
— Jen F., Canton OHIO

I have suffered from Chronic Back, Neck and Knee pain. I was very hesitent to start a new excercise program but one class with Lisa I was HOOKED
— Kara O., Green OHIO

My whole life people have been telling me “stop slouching” but I never knew how it has just always felt natural.

Lisa has patiently worked with me explaining what muscles I should be engaging and feeling. Now when I slouch it actually hurts. I swear I have grown taller since working with her!
— Karen T., Jackson OHIO

I’ve been working with Lisa for 6 years! In the past, after a day or two I quit out of boredom or lack of motivation. Lisa changed all that for me. She taught me that excercise can be FUN, I have never been so proud of myself!
— Debby T., Green OHIO

Reformer, Barre, Stretch, Cardio Trampoline. I feel so lucky to have found her. I’m always challenged and amazed by her abilities plus did I mention she is really really funny
— Trisha H., Tallmadge OHIO

Lisa has a teaching style that is fun, creative and keeps me entertained... her energy is contagious
— Shawna D., Portage Lakes OHIO