Intro to Reformer

45 min session (new students only)

What is Pilates?  What is the Reformer?  What is Mat? 

This complimentary class is specifically designed for the new student.  You will learn everything you need to know about Pilates... who was Joseph Pilates, why is Pilates different from other forms of exercise, what is a reformer and what do I do on it? 

You'll experience a full workout using the Reformer. Mat, Cardio Trampoline and Barre. A wonderful opportunity to learn about the studio and all the wonderful things we have to offer here at the... Pilates Peace Barre

Contact Lisa Dodd Conrow at to schedule a complimentary class. 4 spots available per session so bring a friend!

Classic Reformer

45 min session (All Levels)

REFORM: to change, to improve, to better, to refine

This is an Open Reformer Class for All Levels. 

If you're new to Pilates this class will provide you with the information you need to grow your practice and begin to help you build a solid foundation rooted in the 5 Basic Pilates Principles.

If you've been practicing for a while we will continue to challenge you by giving you more advanced choreography and resistance.

A perfect place to start and a wonderful class to help you grow stronger, more confident and keep you challenged!

All are welcome!

Athletic Reformer

45 min session (intermediate/advanced)

Our Athletic Reformer class is designed for those who have a solid understanding of the Pilates Reformer and are looking to explore more challenging complex exercises. 

We will focus on building a more in-depth understanding of the 5 Basic Pilates Principles and continue to explore more varied, challenging movement patterns.

Coming Soon!

Gentle Reformer

45 min session (gentle/intermediate)

This class focuses on rehabilitating and restoring the body. We will work at a moderate pace, making adjustments for all body types and conditions.

A perfect class for someone who is working through a current or past physical challenge and would like to gain more strength, flexibility and proper body alignment.


Balanced Bone Builder

45 min session (gentle/intermediate)

Want to improve imbalances in the body?  Want to strengthen your bones due to Osteoporosis, aging or just being preventative?   Want to improve balance and be at less risk for falls?  

Unilateral exercises to improve muscular imbalances,  gentle cardio trampoline to strengthen bones and techniques to improve your balance will be the focus of this diverse and hugely beneficial class.

Be Kind to Your Spine

45 min session (gentle/Intermediate)

Learn techniques to lessen back pain, neck tension and help improve postural issues.  Developing core muscles, strengthening the stabilizing muscles that support the neck, shoulder and spine are the main focus for this specialty class.